Traditional culture experience

Luxury Kyoto Experience Tour

Traditional culture experience     Japanese history exploration     Japanese taste exploration

Our tour is a tour to experience luxury Kyoto.
It is also possible to arrange the course. We will make your wish as full as possible.

All of our tours are accompanied by an interpreter guide.

Tea ceremony experience



Tea ceremony is a typical Japanese traditional culture that emphasizes spirituality.
In this tour, you will experience wearing a kimono upon request.


Explanation of tea ceremony spirituality, procedure of tea ceremony, how to drink tea

Time required    2 hours
per person 8000 yen 


Calligraphy experience


In Japanese kanji, each letter has a deep meaning.
In this tour, the letters you wrote on request
Print on T-shirt.


Explanation of kanji, procedure of calligraphy, how to use brush

Time required    2 hours
per person 8000 yen  with print T-shirt 12000 yen



Kyoto fan painting experience

Kyoto Fans are also used for traditional Japanese performing arts. It is a personal fan that Japanese people carry since ancient times

Explanation of the fan, how to paint the fan, how to use the brush

Time required    2 hours
     per person 8000 yen   with fan


Kyoto history experience


I will tour the history of Kyoto in a kimono. Professional photographer by request
Accompany and shoot. Kimono will also be sold.


Kinkakuji Temple, Binenzaka-Kiyomizudera, Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine

Time required 4 hours
    per person 8000 yen    with kimono 12000 yen


Common people's market
And tavern experience


Visit the Nishiki market, which is said to be the kitchen of Kyoto. And it is a tour to enjoy sake and sake braised dishes in the tavern.


Nishiki-Market, Gion-Ponto-cho or Kiya-cho

Time required 4 hours
    per person 8000 yen

Separately, it is necessary to pay for food and drinks at the tavern.

Sushi and open hot spring experience


Sushi and Tempura are Japanese soul foods. And the open-air bath of natural hot spring is the ultimate in Japanese culture. You will love Japan more if you experience this course.


Kashiwa Market, Gion-Ponto-cho or Kiya-cho

Sanjo Kawaramachi, Kiyamachi
Mibu Onsen Hana-Yu or Katsura Onsen Nizaemon-Yu

Time required 4 hours

Price     per person 8000 yen

Separately, a meal fee and a bathing fee are required

Zazen experience in the temple


Zen is an ancient Japanese spiritual practice.

The world of silence you experience in the temple will release your soul into space.

Higashiyama Kodaiji Temple
A monk will explain the history of the temple a and will Zen for 20 minutes. Then there is a garden tour.

Time required 2 hours

Price     per person  6000  yen



As part of our tour, you will have the option to receive the following services at special discounted rates. Please use together.


1 day Kimono rental​

You can choose from a wide variety of kimono and yukata. There are both men's and women's. All the dressing is done by the professional staff.

Time required 4 hours

Price     per person 6000 yen


Companion photo shoot

Professional photographers shoot you in a kimono as elegant as a movie actress. The location and pose are up to you. All taken data will be delivered.
For your memories of Japan, please have a photo taken by a professional photographer.

Time required 4 hours

Price     1 group 85000 yen




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