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Traditional Japanese culture experience tour








We would like to extend the circle of friends to the world by experience of

Japanese traditional culture








Experience tour of traditional culture in Japan.
The ancient capital of our company, Kyoto, has many craftsmen who value various traditional techniques such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, dance, yuzen and buddhist.
We would like to associate such craftsmen with the world, and create an experience tour of genuine traditional culture that can not be imitated otherwise.
All tours are multilingual, and a guide to the translation of a tea ceremony, calligraphy, Yuzen dyeing, etc. guides you through the world of Japanese creation created by the artist.
The original tour of a genuine Japanese traditional culture experience, which can be done by a program production company, is a cultural exchange tour full of unique charms created in accordance with the customer's wishes.






If you want to experience Japan, why not transform into a kimono figure? We have partnered with many rental kimono boutiques to meet your wishes. In addition to kimonos, full-fledged costumes unique to program production companies such as ninjas, princesses and warlords can be prepared.
And the most popular is photography service. Professional photographers in charge of cinematography and magazine gravure photography, along with stylists and makeup artists, will take your photos like a movie star.
Complete your best photo album to be a lifetime memory with one day shooting tour.

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